Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Incorporated: Architect of Change

Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Incorporated recently celebrated its 46 years of being an awesome architect of change. They certainly have lived by their line of "Touching People, Shaping the Future."

Focus Areas: 

1. Integrated Development
2. Micro-finance & Entrepreneurship
3. Culture & Heritage
4. Leadership & Citizenship
5. Education


1. Grants & awards
2. Institutional development & planning
3. Knowledge sharing & advocacy
4. Services & facilities

One quirky fact about Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Incorporated is noticeable when you go to the far-flung provinces. All the schools that they rehabilitated have been painted with PINK, the rightful color that stimulates the children to become productive. As for me, pink is also the color of LIFE, so I don't negate RAFI from having chosen such color.

For more information about Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Incorporated, please contact Miss Nancy Cudis at nancy.cudis@rafi.org.ph or visit the RAFI site at www.rafi.org.ph.

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