Island Rescue Organization: Keeping the Cool in Pit Bulls

I am not a pit bull fanatic but I don't like seeing them being abused. Animal abuse nowadays seem rampant. More soever, there are activities made in the underground scene that render these creatures helpless. Island Rescue Organization sees to it that they will give those abused dogs the love that they truly deserve.

The IRO is an awesome organization because they cater to both expert animal handlers and simple animal lovers that don't know how to take care of pets. 

If any of you are interested to adopt a dog, especially a pit bull, they will only allow you after you have done 4 weeks of volunteer work under them. If dog adoption is not your thing, you need not to worry because they also offer sponsorship programs. You will become a Ninong or Ninang to your sponsored dog.

For more information, please visit or you can LIKE their Facebook Page HERE.

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