When We Bugsay Together, It Will All Be Better: Akong Bugsay Children's Book Launching

Just as most people stayed on bed and was feeling lazy because of the cold and wet weather, today was not that kind of day for me. In fact, today was a great day for celebration. The book Akong Bugsay (My Paddle) was successfully launched by the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) at the Eduardo Aboitiz Hall of the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center.

Since I am a Beatle fanatic, this reminded me of The Yellow Submarine. I was wrong because this was the Bugsay (Paddle) Bookmark. Hehehe!

Akong Bugsay was the brainchild of the beautiful Amaya C. Aboitiz and illustrated by Karmina T. Cuizon. It is a bilingual children's book that was inspired by the Bugsay principle of his father, President Roberto "Bobby" E. Aboitiz (RAFI President). The principle was channeled through the story of a cute and curious child named Andoy and his hardworking father who works as a fisherman.

The beautiful Miss Amaya C. Aboitiz gives us a story how Akong Bugsay was made.

President Roberto "Bobby" E. Aboitiz shared to us the principle behind Akong Bugsay.

The Bugsay Principle may often be disregarded by adults because it is hidden under a children's book, but the lesson it teaches us echoes beyond years and wide-eyed wonder! The Bugsay Principle simply teaches us that it is important to have a goal, plan well, and work hard to achieve your goal. The principle can also be used in business or local government. It may sound simple but this is the secret of all the successful people in the world. According to President Bobby, attitude can make or break us.

A copy of the book can be owned for a minimum investment of Php 150 while the coloring book can be yours for only Php 5o. A coloring book will be given to RAFI Dolores Aboitiz Children's Fund day care centers for every book that was sold during the launch.

All donated Akong Bugsay books landed here!

Mr. Ruben Licera Jr., president of Cebu Bloggers Society donates a copy of Akong Bugsay.

To grab your very own copy, visit the Casa Gorordo Museum shop, or you may contact 255-5630 and look for Joem de Gracia.

For the internet savvy, you can grab your own copy by visiting www.rafi.org.ph/publications/akong-bugsay.

Sing along with these cute kids. The song goes like this.......

"Bugsay, bugsay, kilingkiling diyutay.
Bugsay, bugsay sa barotong gamay."

Aren't those kids super cute? ^_^


  1. Catch them young ! Intelligence habits and beliefs kids learn now will help guide their behavior for the rest of their lives. Excellent coverage in your fluid style Shankybaby !!! Keep at it......



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