Plasmin Might Just Save Your Life

Are you:
  • 35 years old and above
  • Overweight
  • Smoker
  • Stressed at work

Do you have:
  • Diabetes: leg numbness, non healing wounds, impotence
  • Stroke: dizziness/vertigo, lack or loss of memory, numbness of hands and legs, slurring of speech
  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease: shortness of breath, frequent headache, chest pains, dizziness
  • High cholesterol
  • Varicose veins
If you have checked any of the items above and have been taking in medications as prescribed by your physician, you might as well try this supplement that has helped a lot of patients already. Let me remind you, this is just a supplement and not a cure.

Plasmin is a 100% natural supplement that is US FDA approved and BFAD registered with CPR# FR 39851. It is 250 mg lumbrokinase and contains 3 enzymes - collagenase, profibrinolysin activator, and fibrinolysin.


Step 1: Collagenase breaks the outer shell of the blood clot.
Step 2 and 3: Profibrinolysin and fibrinolysin combine to dissolve the blod clot.
PREVENTING: Stroke, heart attack, and sudden death

Plasmin protects you against the complications of diabetes, hypertension, and serious health events like stroke and heart disease.


Maintenance Dose: 1 cap 3x a day for at least 1-3 months
Maximum Dose: 2-3 caps 3x a day for at least 3-9 months depending on the duration of the disease, then maintain 1 cap 3x a day

Plasmin offers the following benefits when used for:

1-3 months: Increase in physical energy; reduction in blood pressure and chest pain; reduction in blood sugar and cholesterol; improvement in breathing and speech; reduction in numbness and dizziness, particularly among stroke patients.

3-5 months: gradual to significant recovery of sensation and function of hands and legs; speech improvement; continuous improvement of symptoms associated with diabetes, stroke, hypertension, heart disease.

Plasmin is exclusively distributed by SEA PHARMACOM, INC. 
located at Suite 2208 Cityland 10 Tower II, 
# 154 dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati, Philippines. 
For inquiries, call us their Hotline Numbers: (02) 894-2667, 
(02) 894-2932 or 0919-625-0944 
or email them at 
or you can visit their website at

Plasmin is available in all leading drugstores nationwide.

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