All Is Well

Out of curiosity, I watched a movie which was transferred by my cousin from his PC to my USB. It was entitled "The 3 Idiots." I frequently heard the title of the movie back in 2011 but I didn't pay much attention to the buzz the people were spreading back then. I was too preoccupied with my job, too preoccupied that I didn't care if their movie reviews were all positive.

Let's fast forward to 2013, the year of the snake. I was having a vacation in Bohol. While I was there, I asked my cousin to give me copies of movies that he has already downloaded. I told him to give the good ones. He included a copy of "The 3 Idiots." Little did I know that it will profoundly affect me and the way I see life in general.

While watching the movie, I cried a lot! I laughed a lot! I was excited from start to finish. It even got me dancing (in my head)! 

There were a lot of lines in the movie that were beautiful. One of them is "All Is Well!"

Life as we know it is full of unknowns. In fact, it is known that our lives, especially our future, is unknown! Our future lies in our hands. It lies on how well we appreciate our PRESENT, the NOW that we are experiencing. Life will go up and down. Just as Rancho would verbalize, saying "All Is Well" will not solve the problem but will help us cope or face the challenge.

Sometimes, it only takes 3 words 
to remind us that life, 
with all its ups and downs, 
is superbly beautiful! 
All is well! 
-Channel Imperial-

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*quote from Channel Imperial

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