Trick or Treat: My Very First Davis Cup Experience

Watching tennis matches on cable TV is quite enjoyable for me. The recently held Davis Cup here in Plantation Bay Resort and Spa was my very first live tennis match viewing. Back then, it seemed very easy to play tennis, or so I thought. Then I realized it was very very difficult for me to even learn the basics last December 2012. 

My cousin invited me to play tennis in a nearby tennis court, and I affirmed to his invitation. I was very excited! In my mind, I imagined myself looking very professional while doing some tennis poses. I looked very cool in my imagination.

My ball would always end up out of the line. I can't seem to control the power of my hands. I also can't control the angle of my racket. I felt pity for my cousin who played the part of teacher and ball boy. Talk about dual responsibilities. (laughs!)

Let's get back to my first Davis Cup experience. It was very pleasurable for me. Why so? The venue is lovely! Plantation Bay Resort and Spa is superb! The atmosphere was great. Even though the weather was not cooperative, I still enjoyed the whole experience. 

The spot light was both on Team Philippines and Team Syria. My blogger buddies likes Treat Conrad Huey of Team Philippines. I had no idea who he was until they kept on repeating his name. It did not take overnight before I turned into a fan! 

I'd like to congratulate Team Philippines! They are qualified to go to the next round! See you guys this April!

Trick or Treat!

Team Syria

Team Syria

Treat Conrad Huey's Autograph

Team Philippines

Team Syria

The cutest ball boy I've ever seen!

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