Have you been recharged recently?

For the past few weeks, I have been out of my daily habits already. I am currently out of my comfort zone. I feel very uncomfortable, but this has been due to my decisions. I know this uncomfortable feeling will pass by, because I am still adjusting to my new career, my new life! I decided to feel uncomfortable because my goal entails I should feel this way. Not all people will agree to this. Only a chosen few, perhaps the insy tini winny 5% of the total population, I guess. 

Yesterday, I just realized that I forgot something. I forgot to recharge myself, with GRATITUDE!!! We are so blessed with so much blessings, but I forgot them for the past few days! As we look all around us, we are swimming in an ocean of blessings!

I cried so hard yesterday because all the stress I got was overwhelming. But I also started to recharge yesterday, courtesy of the big battery you see in the photo. 

I thank God for giving us a great mind. After all, we were all made in His image and likeness. In other words, we are as great as our God!

Live a good life, la buena vida!

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