Be a Great Content Marketer & Get a Job Instantly

Freelance work is now the trend nowadays. I have tried the "regular" job for more than 5 years and I realized that it will eventually take the LIFE out of me. It simply takes a lot of our time. A "regular" job does not allow us freedom to choose when we want to work or how we want to work. I resigned from my last employer. I just couldn't take all the shenanigans I was experiencing. It also gives me almost no time to do what I love. From receiving "a-quince, a-treinta" salary, I received nil. Yes! Nil! I did not know what to do after I resigned, except for having a grand vacation. 

What did I do to begin receiving income? I just figured out what I loved to do   --- writing! So I went online and applied to do freelance writing and stuff. I did not get a spot in 1 or 2 months though. I waited for more! I actually gave up applying. I did not log in to my account for many weeks but for some unknown reason, one day I just decided to log in and check if I got some messages. Lo and behold! I got a message from an employer! It was a blessing! I grabbed the slot and the rest is history!

I am also a blogger (who has still a lot to learn about blogging) so learning how to write great content and market the content is a great plus for me. I am so lucky because I will be able to join an awesome workshop this Saturday.

This February 2, 2013, Location 63 and Virtual Staff Finder will present "How to Become a Great Content Marketer & Get a Job Instantly!" The event will be held at 2/F Hyundai Building in A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City, Philippines.

In this event, we will learn how to become the most invaluable employee of any company doing business in the 21st century. Since Traditional SEO is currently experiencing a slow death, content marketing has never been this valuable before!

This is a FREE one-day workshop by Virtual Staff Finder. They'll tell us the in's and out's of everything related to content marketing.

We will learn the importance of blogging, online video, podcasting, infographics, slideshare docs, tweetables, ebooks and more!

The workshop is FREE! All you need to do is reserve your seats NOW!!!

Bring your laptops, smart phones or other gadgets. There will be FREE coffee and WiFi after the seminar.

Visit this link to reserve your spot:

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