Savor Filipino Cuisine at The Dining Room

If you are on the hunt for a reasonably-priced dinner buffet with a reasonably-thought menu, I guess your quest is over because The Dining Room is already here, and their highlight is the Fiesta Sa Sugbo!

Fiesta Sa Sugbo is Castle Peak Hotel's buffet which features the beloved dishes of Cebu, which includes the sumptuous Boneless Lechon. The great thing about thus feast is its affordability, because it's only Php 349! It's also available during lunch.

Filipino food is the highlight of the buffet and everybody knows that the star of every Filipino feast is the lechon! Fiesta Sa Sugbo has lechon on the menu alright, but they offer it in two varities; spicy and non-spicy lechon belly.

Spicy and non-spicy lechon belly

I personally like the taste of the spicy lechon belly. It is has the kind of spiciness that is bearable to the Filipinos palate.

The infrequently offered Caldereta, or stewed goat, is actually part of the main menu. You don't have to wait for special occasions anymore to munch on Caldereta! What a great relief!

Hilaw na mangga, anyone? (Green mangoes)


They also have Mung Bean Soup (or ginisang monggo) and Bam-i  (another Filipino pansit version) that is as tasty as that compared to our favorite carenderia, or even better! As for dessert, they have puto, kuchinta, mangoes, ice cream, as well as the all-time-favorite halo-halo! These are all definitely well-loved food by Cebuanos or Filipinos in general.

With slightly dimmed lights, spacious area and tables, and quality Pinoy cuisine, one could never go wrong going to The Dining Room of Castle Peak Hotel and savoring the goodness of Fiesta Sa Sugbo!

*All photos courtesy of Jervie David Montejar 

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