Tubag! with Leo Lastimosa (Press Conference)

Last August 31, a press conference was held in New Castle Peak Hotel. It was called Pamahaw... Pangutana... Tubag! The program commenced with Breakfast, showing of the Tubag Pilot Episode, and Q & A portion which was live over DYAB: Arangkada. Here are some press release information in Visayan Dialect.


Dili limod sa ABS-CBN ang mga problemang padayon nidisturbo sa kinabuhi sa katawhan. Isip mata ug dunggan sa komunidad, nakita namo ang kada-adlaw nga pakigbisog sa matag usa kanato sa pagsagubang sa mga kakulian sa gobyerno ug politika, mga isyu nga may kalambigitan sa kinaiyahan ug sa pamilya.

Tungod ini, nahimo nang adbokasiya sa istasyon ang pagmugna og mga epektibong katigayonan aron mas madunggog bisan ang pinakagamay nga tingog sa katawhan. Buot sa ABS-CBN nga makig-uban sa mga ordinaryon tawo sa paghimo og dagkong lakang para sa kasulbaran sa mga problemang nahimo nang parte sa kinabuhi sa mga Sugboanon.

Karong September 1, matawo ang TUBAG - ang pinakabag-ong programa nga mohatag og mas lawom ug klaro nga detalye sa mga isyu sa katilingban. Sulod sa biyente minutos matag Sabado, tubagon sa mga nagkadaiyang ahensya sa gobyerno ug mga pribadong organinsasyon ang mga kritikal nga pangutana sa apektadong katawhan.

Ug para sa unang episode sa TUBAG, atong tukion ang isyung dugay nang anaa sa komunidad apan wala lang panumbalinga. Atong patubagon ang mga opisyal sa gobyernong atong nasigpatang nigamit sa mga sakyanang may red plate sa mga dili angay nga lugar og oras.

Sugod karong Sabado, ang tanan ninyong pangutana, tagaan nato og TUBAG.


With the current and disturbing issues of politics, youth, environment, household life in entirety, ABS-CBN Cebu has taken a big leap to find practical and rightful answers to matters affecting human life. Thus, the creation of Tubag.

Tubag is a weekly 20-minute show hosted by Mr. Leo Lastimosa. This regional morning show is designed to dish out questions that people from all walks of life may ask and give specific government offices and other concerned organizations the avenue to answer the queries.
Tubag's main objective is to be the bridge of ordinary people and those in authority to meet halfway in solving dilemmas that should have been solved long before.

As said earlier, the pilot episode was about government vehicles being used for personal purposes. These vehicles have the "RED PLATE."  In advocacy to this matter, Tubag, LTO, Police Department, and other government agencies gave the birth of Oplan Red Plate. This advocacy aims the public to help the government in catching public officials who are using their government issued vehicles through social media. 

Present during the press conference were Visayas Deputy Ombudsman Leo Apostol, Director Raul Aguiluz, Mr. Oscar Tabada of PAG-ASA, Atty. Vicente Gador, Atty. Philip Camiguin, Mr. Ariel Iburan, Col. Renato Malazarte, Col. Patrocinio Comendador, Atty. Arnel Tancinco, and House Deputy Speaker Erin Tañada. Mr. Leo Lastimosa was the moderator of the Q&A portion.

From right to left: Visayas Deputy Ombudsman Leo Apostol, Director Raul Aguiluz, Mr. Oscar Tabada of PAG-ASA, Atty. Vicente Gador, Atty. Philip Camiguin, Mr. Ariel Iburan, Col. Renato Malazarte

Mr. Leo Lastimosa

Visayas Deputy Ombudsman Leo Apostol wishes the program success and he wants to have a multi-sectoral anti-corruption agency, which means public and private (media) partnership. He said that the Philippines has world-class laws but very poor implementation. I agree with his statement.

From left to right: Director Raul Aguiluz & Visayas Deputy Ombudsman Leo Apostol

Director Raul Aguiluz wants convergence, partnership, awareness of the public about the Oplan Red Plate, and cooperation between them.

Mr. Oscar Tabada of PAG-ASA jokingly said that he is now afraid to use his government vehicle because of Oplan Red Plate, and may just use it during bad weather. He is used to commuting to work anyway.

From left to right: Atty. Vicente Gador of LTO & Mr. Oscar Tabada of PAG-ASA

Atty. Vicente Gador of LTO is actually the team leader of Oplan Red Plate. He was very pleased to know that the public is very cooperative when it comes to uploading photos of vehicles with red plate and commenting on their Facebook page.

From left to right: Mr. Ariel Iburan, Atty. Philip Camiguin, and Atty. Vicente Gador of LTO

Atty. Philip Camiguin mentioned "spider web approach" for Oplan Red Plate to succeed. It includes cooperation and participation of stakeholders, especially the media.

From left to right: Col. Renato Malazarte, Col. Patrocinio Comendador, Mr. Ariel Iburan & Atty. Philip Camiguin

Col. Renato Malazarte & Col. Patrocinio Comendador of Cebu City Police Department has a big role to play in this advocacy because they are the ones who will catch the crooks!

Mr. Ariel Iburan was one of the persons caught during their operation. He told us he was happy to join the press conference and that he has certainly learned his lesson.

Atty. Arnel Tancinco mentions regulation of the use of government resources. He also mentions that most Filipinos are conscious of their rights but not with their responsibilities.

House Deputy Speaker Erin Tañada said that this advocacy will enhance people's participation. He even emphasized that corruption in the higher level is lesser (President's Office). He also said that cooperation from the public, media, and government offices and transparency will make it difficult for corruption to be committed.

During the whole press conference, the words trip ticket were frequently mentioned. When I was given the chance, I gave a question.

  • Me: From the point of view of a lay person like me, what is the process of acquiring a trip ticket and who is responsible for giving them?
  • Col. Patrocinio Comendador: First, they must go to the Supply Officer. They should write in the trip ticket all the information needed, like the location, the number of kilometers, and the liters of gasoline to be used. After that, they must ask for my approval. In my absence, I will assign a person to be my substitute.

Miss Tata Cinco-Sy made the closing remarks. That was a wrap! The press conference was a success!

They even gave us some giveaways!

Now guys, it's our turn to help. Anytime you see a government vehicle used for personal purposes, take a photo of the "RED PLATE" and upload it on the Facebook Page of LTO 7. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LTO 7 FACEBOOK PAGE or call this hotline number: 253-8609.

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