Nose Bleeding during the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu

What do you get when you combine the gathering of the most awesome digital influencers in the planet and a naive blogger who just recently learned how to increase traffic by 100 a day? You will get a nose bleed! I certainly lost a lot of blood during the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu. Figuratively, of course!

Since I was invited by Miss Janette Toral, Miss Fleire Castro, and Miss Kareen Satorre, who am I to refuse? I'd be an idiot if I refuse such an offer. I am still a baby blogger as compared to my other friends in Cebu Bloggers Society. I admit that I am still crawling, slowly but surely, and one day, I'll be walking and running in no time. As a popular tagline from a chocolate drink would say, "Great things start from small beginnings."

I was so happy to see my mates from Cebu Bloggers Society as speakers for the summit. It was certainly very informative for me to hear Miss Fleire Castro, Mr. Rabsin de la Cruz, Mr. Orville Tadle, Mr. Kevin Ray Chua, and Mr. Ruben Licera Jr. (which I personally call Daddy because I see him as my father figure). I keep on touching Daddy's belly every time I see him. This is to remind him that his baby fats need some work out. Hehehehehe! Upon hearing what they had to say, I gauged myself. I still have a long way to go in comparison to what they have already achieved!

I did not make any expectations for the summit, but I got more than what I could imagine. Who would have thought that I'd be sitting beside the great Ben Francia? He was very amiable when I arrived. I never got the courage to talk to him first while we were sitting, but I managed to ask for his autograph and got his business card in return when the summit already ended. I kept his business card on the notebook that I bring all the time. I bring the business card with me all the time so that I will be infected with his success. Pampatakod sa powers ni Ben Francia akong tuyo adto. Wohooo!

I never had a slight idea that people can borrow money through the power of the internet. Thanks to Mr. Richard Eldridge gave us a brief overview of what Lenddo is and how it could help the Filipinos. It was an eye-opener. Now I know where I could borrow money to start a business. Hehehehehe!

I also learned a great deal of marketing strategy from Miss. Elisa Escobar. She certainly knew that bloggers are of great help to the hospitality industry.

During the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu, I was not alone when nose bleeding is to be tackled. Mr. Alan Choachuy also experienced such an event during the summit, since he is not much acquainted to the digital world. To Mr. Choachuy, I understand how you feel. I congratulate you for loosing so much weight, looking good, and for helping others achieve the same goal as you did.

While the summit was about a little bit close to the end, I got a bit sleepy and hungry. I didn't want to eat (I have an eating disorder - recovery still in progress) so I went to the coffee table to grab some warm coffee. While approaching the table, I thanked the very calm and cute Tof Salcedo for giving us a nice talk while he was in front of the stage. Who would have guessed that we'd be chatting until the summit ended! My hot coffee even turned cold on my hands. Wow! I was overwhelmed! We were talking and we never talked about senseless things! Wow! Amazing! It was an honor for me to receive ideas and tips from him. I was more thankful that he did not hesitate to talk to a "shy" me. I also got his autograph and told him that I would give him a tour to Carbon if he comes back to Cebu. Hehehehe! 

What do you get when you are made in Vietnam, raised in Australia, has a 6 pack, and always mention the word "AWESOME" as an interjection? You will get none other than Khoa Bui! I will never forget him because he told us that "We will all die someday." I got his autograph as well. I asked him about The Vines (My second favorite band behind The Beatles) and was glad to know that he remembered hearing such a band. Did you know that he already tried balut, isaw, and kwek-kwek? Super awesome, right?

Looking back at what happened, I feel so overwhelmed with information and blessings! I was even crying when I got home! I was that overwhelmed! Or maybe it was a side effect of drinking 2 large glasses of milk tea and not having eaten a single meal yet. Hahahaha! Whatever the real reason was for my crying, I certainly know in my heart, mind, and soul that I am so happy to be alive! 

The Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu has now been embedded in my subconscious memory. Thank you very much Miss Janette Toral for organizing this event! I now consider you as my mentor as well!

I really don't care if Justin Beiber has a perfect Klout score. Tof Salcedo, Khoa Bui, and Ben Francia are much more cuter than him!

Mr. "Awesome" 6 Pack Khoa Bui and the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu poster.

Photo from Digital Influencers group of Miss Janette Toral in Facebook 

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